Monday, 6th Sept 2021

Seminar house Jonathan, Chieming, Bavaria, Germany

Following the Authentic Life Festival 2021 , there will be an immersion day with two full-day workshops. The workshops will be led by Anke Verhees and Miriam van Groen from Holland, and Peter Benjamin from the USA. All have many years of experience with Authentic Relating and Circling and also offer longer training.

The immersion day goes from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. with a lunch break. You are invited to arrive the day before and spend the evening after the festival with us and a relaxed morning. Check in registration if you need accommodation.


Workshops details

Find your flavor

with Anke Verhees and Miriam van Groen

Relational skill building for coaches, trainers and managers

Find Your Flavor: Bring Circling into your professional life – your way!

Circling is a powerful practice. Not just for understanding your world and getting somebody else’s, but also for your personal and professional development. Especially if you work in a ‘people context’, being able to meet people where they actually are (stepping away from stories and assumptions) is a vital skill. And one we do not learn in school or in society.

The nuance and sensitivity that Circling can bring to this field is astounding. It will help you become a much more attuned coach, therapist or trainer. If you work with people in a management context, finetuning your relational skills is also invaluable for better team cohesion, conflict resolution and more fun and ease at work!

The beauty of cycling is that there is no cookie cutter mold. Every person is unique and will inevitably bring his or her flavor in this practice. In this one day workshop we will tease out your unique way of communicating and help you gain insight into your unique blindspots as well. We will teach you how to better attune to yourself, to the person / people in front of you, and to what the moment requires. We will also support you in understanding your gifts better, so that you can go into your world with more awareness and a few awesome practical tools to apply straight away.

You will learn:

  • To create an intentional space where your clients or employees will feel safe to open up;
  • To slow down and inquire into what really happens in the moment: in yourself and in relationship with another, exploring attunement and really getting somebody’s world;
  • To trust and reveal a bit more of your experience and to receive the impact of that;
  • To ‘own’ your experience more and project less: to become more curious, empower your clients and employees rather than advise or manage them, to have your feedback (including compliments) received more;
  • To work with a set of practical, tried and tested tools that you can start applying straight away in your practice or work.

What you will get, no matter what is:

  • A heightened awareness and sensitivity of what is happening in you and around you;
  • A stronger capacity to hold more of you and the other without taking on their ‘stuff’ or putting yours on them;
  • An experience of how vulnerability and authenticity within and beyond your professional role can be contagious, leading to more connection and you becoming better at what your do;
  • The opportunity to practice in a safe space, so you can experience what applying the tools does;
  • The basic toolbox for how to apply these skills in your personal and professional life.

Advanced training for facilitators

with Peter Benjamin

Part 1: Magic Mastery Context Setting

Context is all the layers wrapped around each moment. Context informs our feelings and reactions to things. “… and then she slapped him in the face”. How do you feel about this statement? Likely you are automatically filling in at least a bit of context. Context tells us whether we should feel celebratory, sad, outraged, powerless, or resigned when reading the quote above. Context includes what’s already happened in the past, what is happening visibly and invisibly, it includes what’s intended for the future, and set and setting.

A mastery of context could change your life forever. What if you could create powerful group dynamics that transform lives? What if you could more skillfully and powerfully create intentional relationships that best serve you and those you are in relationship with? Join us for this four-part series where we will dive into The Power of Context.

Part 2: Coyote Practices:

Coyote Practice is an innovative, fun, dynamic, and challenging facilitation training tool that helps leaders learn to integrate their group management techniques. In some Native American legends, the Coyotes represent master tricksters, often using games, play, and sabotage to teach a lesson to others. As participants, you will get the opportunity to be just that; tricksters. You already know the game; You already know how to participate in a group, but here you will get the opportunity to show up in ways that leave the context– that seem unskillful, difficult, or conflictual– in service of learning for the facilitator trainee.

As a trainee it’s your job to use your skills to mesmerize your coyotes and regular participants, weaving them right into your context. Instead of stopping them in their tracks, you must learn to invite them in deeper and deeper. To welcome their tricks you’ll need to learn to listen beyond the words to the possible emotions and intentions beneath and coax them into the light. When people share there is always, always something valuable in their experience that can be found and brought forth, even if it sounds bad or you need to translate for them.

The Facilitators

Anke Verhees and Miriam van Groen

As trainers and coaches we have implemented Circling skills in our practice for almost a decade. We are excited to offer you the tools that have radically shifted our personal and professional relationships to places of depth, authenticity and empowerment.

Anke is a coach for sensitive people, couples & leaders and trains people in circle and leadership development. Her work is based on the principles of connection; authenticity, vulnerability, curiosity and personal leadership.

As a leader she combines a big heart with a sharp brain and is also a fan of working with ‘the elephant in the room’. Anke is one of the pioneering women offering Circling in Europe. She co-led Authentic Europe and started her own company ConnectionLab in 2015, offering coaching based on the principles of connection, intro weekends to Circling and a 6 month leadership deep-dive; using Circling as a tool to develop leadership, agency and capacity.

Miriam is a skills trainer, recovering perfectionist and cycling practitioner and facilitator. She trained with Circling Europe and facilitated with CE, Authentic Europe and now as a co-lead with Anke’s ConnectionLab. She also guides people during 1-on-1 psychedelic experiences aimed at personal growth with her company .

Peter Will Benjamin

Peter is one of the joyful co-founders of The Connection Institute . As lead staff trainer and CEO he delights in caring for the staff and students. He also works as a Professional Coach and teaches continuing ed for Coaches, Therapists and Leaders. Peter is on a mission to help people feel their worthiness & fully occupy their power so that together we can all play at a higher level. He’s also an intimacy junkie, community builder, and avid dancer.

Zoe has spent the last decade working with and studying human bodies, holding space for people to kindly listen and be with themselves. She is a Massage Therapist, Pain & Injury Specialist, Meditation & Somatic Facilitator. She works with individuals and groups to support a deepening sense of their body being home, with more awareness, embrace and gratitude.

At the Connection Institute, she works as a facilitator, leading people into experiences where they are more able to connect with their inner knowing and wisdom. Her mission is to support people to love themselves more deeply, and infuses that intention in all that she does.

Early bird

For Immersion Day on Monday
180 excl. accommodation
valid from 2.7.2021 from 1.8.2021
  • A professional full-day workshop led by experienced facilitators in a great location, with delicious food and all-day drinks and snacks.

Full price

For Immersion Day on Monday
240 excl. accommodation
from 2.8.2021
  • A professional full-day workshop led by experienced facilitators in a great location, with delicious food and all-day drinks and snacks.

plus accommodation (2 or 3 nights full board *)

* All categories include overnight stay for 2 or 3 nights incl. Bed linen (except tent site), breakfast buffet, a warm, full buffet for lunch and dinner as well as a sumptuous salad selection. In addition, a 24-hour drinks and fruit buffet, coffee, cereal coffee, various teas, milk (+ alternatives), fruit juice spritzers, osmosis water.


The Jonathan

With the Seminarhaus Jonathan we have found a place that is known beyond the borders for consciousness seminars. You are welcome to join the Authentic Life Festival over the weekend before, or arrive the night before. All participants can stay here, and there is even room for your tent or camping van in the large garden. We have the whole house to ourselves, there is even a sauna area and the lake can be reached on foot in about 30 minutes.

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