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The program

Program still in progress. Here is the preliminary version:

You can find more details about the individual workshops below.

Below you can find this year’s festival facilitators. They all have many years of experience in leading groups and have a wide variety of education and training in circling and / or authentic relating, which enable them to keep the space at our workshops. Listed alphabetically.


Facilitators and contributors

Anke Verhees

... is a coach for sensitive people, couples & leaders and train people in circle and leadership development. Her work is based on the principles of connection; authenticity, vulnerability, curiosity and personal leadership.

Christian Zirnig

.. is a holistic coach, communication trainer, successful team leader and especially happy to be Authentic Relating & Circling Facilitator. Brings 25 years of self-awareness with groups and over 200 spiritual teachers into play. Intends to raise the public awareness of the issue of authenticity.

Christine Fransen

South France
... is a transformational coach (training in sophrology and psych-K) and lives in the south of France. Her passion is the development of human potential in the area of relationships and the creation of collective wisdom. It supports people to go through difficult experiences with grace and dignity, and to strengthen and deepen their radical trust in life and to feel more alive.

Daniela &
Melanie Reichert

... have been Berlin's address for Authentic Relating & Embodiment since 2016. They completed their training in AR / Inquiries at Authentic Revolution, The Connection Institute, ART International, Joe Jung. You work in the field of embodiment, coaching, as a lecturer at the educational institute, organize / teach at festivals / fairs.

Fabiola Romero

... fell in love with Circling about 5 years ago and since then she has practiced it, she has become a Circling facilitator and also a Circling Coach. Currently, she works for both Circling Europe and Circle Anywhere.
A lover of connection, the wisdom of body sensations, energy, mystery, the unknown, tears, laughing, rage, aha! moments, transformation, integration, embodiment and anything that arises in the moment.

Frei Schüssler

Mystery researcher, connoisseur of connections, community seeker, dance enthusiast, Authentic Relating Games Facilitator, trainer for non-violent communication, certified mediator, people-friend and sometimes people-shy ...

Heinz Robert

... headed Circling since 2013 in Switzerland and meanwhile throughout Europe. He completed his training at Circling Europe, and previously accompanied groups and workshops for transparent communication for 4 years. He is known for his calm and relaxed way of maintaining a space of mutual trust.

Laura Tatar

Tel Aviv, Israel
... is an artist and healer currently working as a transformational life navigator. With a background in theater, social work, and coaching, she is passionate about creating opportunities for conscious connection, inner discovery and integration, and healing through community. She is also invested in her own exploration and growth as an authentic and vulnerable leader.

Lukas Trötzmüller

Graz, Austria
... has been leading circling workshops in Graz and at various festivals in German-speaking countries since 2018. In recent years he has co-founded and organized ten different event formats, including the German-speaking Circling Festival, a regulars' table for alternative forms of relationships, and the German summer camp for effective altruism.

Miriam van Groen

... is a skills trainer, recovering perfectionist and cycling practitioner and facilitator. She trained with Circling Europe and facilitated with CE, Authentic Europe and now as a co-lead with Anke's ConnectionLab. She also guides people during 1-on-1 psychedelic experiences aimed at personal growth.

Peter Will Benjamin

Boston, USA
... is one of the co-founders of The Connection Institute. As a senior personal trainer and CEO, he takes care of the employees and students with pleasure.
Peter also works as a professional coach and teaches advanced training for coaches, therapists and executives.

Romana Städler

... a strong connection to nature and its solid anchoring in the body form the basis for being authentic and truthful. With her clear, cordial, unexcited leadership and presence, she has been creating safe spaces as a circling facilitator since 2015, inviting you to self-research.

Zoe Delacour Benjamin

Boston, USA
Zoe has spent the last decade working with and studying human bodies, holding space for people to kindly listen and be with themselves. She is a Massage Therapist, Pain & Injury Specialist, Meditation & Somatic Facilitator. She works with individuals and groups to support a deepening sense of their body being home, with more awareness, embrace and gratitude.

Details about the workshops

Focus circles

Focus circling, is a special form of circling where a person is the focus of a small group’s attention. This is about exploring the world of this person with genuine curiosity, without in any way dissuading them from their own immediate experience. The most important of the 5 principles is, “being with the other in their world.” The session is led by several Fabiola Romero and other circling facilitators.

Embodied Authentic Relating

Does it challenge you to connect deeply? Do you long for nourishing, authentic relationships? Would you like to be more aware of yourself, to express yourself and to be seen with your needs and limits – even to have them fulfilled and respected? But how can you live an authentic, tangible life without feeling hurt and embodying all of that?

In this safe, loving space you can playfully immerse yourself in the levels of touchability and boundaries. Expand your awareness, really connect with yourself and others, experience a whole new kind of intimacy in relationships / conflicts. Open yourself mindfully, learn to feel and to name, to respect boundaries, to make decisions together, to speak physically, to understand your nervous system.

After this workshop you will have clear steps that you can easily integrate into your daily life, individually or in sequence, such as living. Management: Melanie and Daniela Reichert

Letting the world of silence do the talking

This in an invitation from Fabiola Romero and Romana Städler

to explore what is it that is moving inside of us and what / how would it look, feel like if we, first, allowed ourselves to be moved by it and then being witnessed in that, with no words (at least not the ones that belong to any existing official language!) just our presence, our energy and our bodies doing the talking.

First, we’ll talk into the present moment; we’ll invoke that growl, that unique never heard by you noise, that deep sigh, that purring, that surprising laugh, that sensual moan, those tears, that scream loud or low that is sitting somewhere in our bodies waiting to be heard / felt first by you, then by the world. Invariably, these expressions that emanate from our essence have an impact in the world, they influence our next move, our next breath, our next interaction. We’ll move with all of that or better yet, we’ll let all of that move in and through us.

Embodied Authentic Relating

What does it really mean to connect your voice and words with your inner feelings, thoughts and body? How can you get your attention and really connect with the person / project in the present moment? And how can you feel more in tune with all of this?

You will discover in a playful way under the guidance of Melanie and Daniela Reichert the conscious connection to your voice and how your body communicates – alone, in relation to others and in actions. Discover your patterns and strategies on a physical level and learn to express them authentically. Explore whole new levels of authenticity and congruence. Only when your need for security is nourished can you enter into deep relationships with yourself and others. You learn to honor your protectors and shadows that separate you from your body.
In exercises to regulate your nervous system, to get to know your own language of your body and to allow yourself what is there, we consciously and mindfully go through exercises of Authentic Relating, Inquiries and Embodiments.

Surrendered leadership

Surrendered leadership is a paradox: Self-guidance, in connection with, and devotion to the whole. It takes a willingness to open up to yourself and your connection to everyone and everything else. Make your experience deeply yours, trust what is emerging, and stay connected on an embodied level. It also means not to tolerate anything. To see the chance for one’s own responsibility in every situation and to find more ways not to leave the responsibility outside of oneself. The space is held by Heinz Robert and other trained circling facilitators.

Authentic Relating Deep Dive Bubble

To be a place of encounter with the known AND the unknown. Leaded by Christine Fransen .

Buddhist teacher Thich Nath said that “the next Buddha may not be an individual, but a sangha, a community, a community that practices understanding and loving-kindness.” I believe this is what we essentially practice as authentic relationship communities, and my invitation to this workshop is an Authentic Relating Deep Dive into the practice of understanding AND lovingkindness: accepting and welcoming the known AND being open to that which is still beyond our understanding, which we do not yet know, but can feel, … so that we can experience ourselves as a “meeting point” for the known and the unknown, in ourselves and with others in the community.

Surrendered leadership

We open ourselves to the conscious perception of the earth, the wind, the sun and / or the rain. How do I perceive the elements in this moment?
How connected, separated, … do I feel right now with them and how does the ‘Commitment to Connection’ work in relation to the external nature?
We let ourselves be guided by the here and now: depending on the weather situation, we explore inside or outside. We set the context on perceiving and connecting with the larger whole and let ourselves be surprised by what shows us and how it affects us.
In the second half we explore ourselves in contact with the elements, animal, plant and human beings.
Leaded by Romana Städler. Outside in good weather.

Maximum potential circling [DE]

What is your maximum potential – right now and in your life? Together we will go on a journey of discovery of your possibilities in the here and now and explore how these are connected to the realization of your personal, individual potential in all areas of your life. Presence-based, horizon-expanding and potentially life-transforming. Lead by Ziran Zirnig .

Mindful Discussion Culture

Do you know the situation You are in a discussion about political, social or philosophical topics that are important to you. But things don’t go that well – you feel misunderstood or annoyed, the other person’s point of view seems incomprehensible and you may even feel personally attacked.

In this workshop we would like to try out how we can deal with differences of opinion with mindfulness, appreciation and self-reflection. First we get to know methods to better understand our own point of view.

Then we discuss controversial issues that concern us in pairs. Instead of letting individual opinions collide, we want to gain a holistic understanding of the other person’s world. The goal is to better understand what moves the other person, how they reached their conclusions, and what our views have in common. Management: Lukas Trötzmüller

The Resourced Body [EN]

Being in touch with the many aspects of being human is part of what makes a great facilitator. The physical body is that which contains everything. The more we embody, the more resourceful and connected we can be. The more we can welcome and hug ourselves, the greater our ability to do so with others. This course is designed to expand and strengthen the way you listen to yourself, take care of yourself, and relate to yourself. The self-sensitive “muscles” of our being need constant practice. What are we going to do specifically? We will spend time being with our awareness to embrace seemingly “simple” and “everyday” aspects of being human, things like our bones, our skin, our hands and feet. There is so much support within us that is often forgotten / unconscious and we can be refreshed in remembering. We will pay attention to the subtle traumas of our nervous system by orienting ourselves in space AND in the body. That, in turn, will help you in moments of challenge, disorientation, and trigger when leading groups. Management: Zoe Benjamin

Connection dance

Frei Schüssler guides us through a dance room in which self-bond and playful encounters can take place. Participant’s voice: “I’ve danced a lot, and some things reminded me of Five Rhthyms, Ecstatic Dance, Biodanza or Soulmotion. Gentle, wild, quiet, presence … And yet it is something of its own. I felt very good about myself and my own processes and had a lot of fun in meeting others. “


Saturday night there is a party, with a brief introduction by Daniela and Melanie Reichert is started.

FIRE !!!

If you are not so keen on dancing, or prefer to spend a mild summer evening with a few songs around the campfire, there is the possibility in the garden.

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