Authentic Life

For people who want more connection and aliveness in their relationships.

We cordially invite you to this festival, where people meet who are interested in authentic relating and vibrant relationships.

September 3-6, 2021

Chieming, Bavaria


Experience what it is like ...

to dive into the depths and the unknown of real togetherness.

… to explore the polarity of autonomy and connectedness.

to trust your perception, to show yourself with everything that is alive in you, in mindful relation with others.

What is Authentic Relating

Authentic Relating is the practice of expressing myself freely and honestly in relationships in the moment.
How am I experiencing myself right now? How do I experience my counterpart right now? How am I experiencing our relationship right now?

Through a safe and trusting space, we learn together to enter into deep connections and encounters in a playful way. The basis of the exercises give a clear framework and limits to open up.
I am challenged to really listen, to reflect, to be tangible and open, to perceive my personal responsibility and wishes, as well as to name and I learn new, peaceful ways to deal with conflicts.

In this shared, interactive, meditative research space, people meet in 2, 3, 4 or the whole group in several different exercises, which can also include movement, dance and touch.


What is Circling

Circling is a relational mindfulness practice – to direct our highest and subtlest attention to what is happening in our connections with others. As a practice, it leads to a deeper and more authentic sense of self, the freedom to show yourself in relationships and in the world as a deeper, truer version of yourself, the claim to your own personal leadership skills, insights into ourselves and how we are acting in the world and the ability to create deep, lasting, and impactful connections with others.

Circling is also a wonderful way to take our mindfulness practice away from the pillow and integrate it into everyday relationships. Instead of falling back into small talk or habitual types of relationship, we can identify, name, and explore what exactly is there in the connection. The more we practice, the more we circle, the more we learn how to bring that same level of presence and connection into all of our daily relationships, such as your friends, family, partners and clients. and inspire others to join you.

Circling based 5 simple principles and in depth it is an incredibly powerful practice. A result of this practice can make the experience more intense Presence, connectedness and liveliness be.

Authentic Life Festival

on the weekend from 3rd to 5th September 2021

The festival starts on Friday at 2 p.m. and ends on Sunday at 3 p.m.

On Monday the 6th there is the opportunity for facilitators, coaches, therapists and other interested people to take part in two intensive workshops running parallel. Both can be booked together or separately.

Between the workshops of the festival there will be enough time for encounters over dinner, around the campfire or while hiking in nature. The Jonathan seminar house in Chieming is easily accessible from Salzburg and Munich via the Traunstein train station.
We recommend traveling by public transport. There is a local bus and taxi shuttle for the last few kilometers.

Due to the uncertain situation due to Covid, we had postponed the festival and are now in the process of coordinating with the facilitators so that we can offer you a great program. We will publish the program by the end of June at the latest. However, you can already purchase an early bird ticket at a fantastic price, this will save you money and give us the confirmation and security that the festival will be well received.

Reserve your spot now

Super early bird

Only for festival from Fr. to So.
120 plus 2 nights
paid by July 1st, 2021
  • professional and diverse workshops
  • experienced and trained facilitators
  • a great location, delicious food and drinks and snacks 24 hours a day

Early bird

Only for festival from Fr. to So.
180 plus 2 nights
valid from July 2nd, 2021 to August 1st, 2021
  • professional and diverse workshops
  • experienced and trained facilitators
  • a great location, delicious food and drinks and snacks 24 hours a day

Festival pass

Only for festival from Fr. to So.
240 plus 2 nights
valid from 2.8.2021
  • professional and diverse workshops
  • experienced and trained facilitators
  • a great location, delicious food and drinks and snacks 24 hours a day

plus accommodation costs per person (2 or 3 nights full board *)

* All categories include accommodation for 2 or 3 nights Incl. Bed linen (except for the campsite), breakfast buffet, a warm, wholesome buffet at lunchtime and in the evening as well as a generous selection of salads. In addition, a 24 hour beverage and fruit buffet, coffee, grain coffee, various teas, milk (+ alternatives), fruit juice spritzers, osmosis water.

If you can afford it financially you are welcome to add a freely selectable amount of funding to your festival contribution, you contribute to the fact that we can also enable low-income people to participate.

Are you short of income right now? We have a strong wish that everyone who wants to be able to take part in this festival. If you are currently unable to pay the prices listed, get in touch with us . We offer a reduction under certain circumstances. Please describe your income situation and how you deal with it. We also have space for max. 5 helpers, if you want to actively support us.

The Authentic Life Festival is the further development of the Circling DACH Festival from 2019. 60 enthusiastic people came together for this event to experience authentic community for 3.5 days.
Let us keep this enthusiasm alive.

The Jonathan

With the seminar house Jonathan we have found a place that is known beyond the borders for awareness seminars. All participants can stay here, and there is even space for your tent or camping van in the large garden. We have the whole house to ourselves, there is even a sauna area and the lake can be reached on foot in about 30 minutes. to reach.

Circling and Authentic Relating Community Leader from Austria, Germany and Switzerland are jointly creating this Authentic Life Festival.

In cooperation with the association Machbarschaft, carrier of the Open living room in Berlin, with whose support the handling of transfers can be simplified.

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